How will you spend your weekend?

I am so glad this week is over!  My brain is still in work fallout, so it is very foggy!  As for the weekend, who knows what I’m going to do.

Since we have a history of breast cancer in my family, for the past couple of years, my daughter has been participating in the walk for breast cancer.   On her blogsite, she has this link …    LOL, with every T-shirt, a portion of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.   Too funny!  If you haven’t been to the save the tatas site, you gotta check it out.  Cool, I just saw they have a local store that carries these items.  I will have to check it out.

Hmmm, I have wierd things happening in this house.  My dog started barking like crazy and growling.  At the same time, my printer cartriage keeps resetting itself for no apparent reason.  Very strange … Since it keeps freaking me out, I’m turning it off!  Dang gremlins!

Ever feel like you are what the cat drug in?  How about a mushroom?  Or a pinball?  As my husband would say, I feel like I’ve been rode hard and put up wet!  That’s me tonight.  I could just curl up and go to sleep in hopes when I wake, it will be a better day.  Not that today was bad, it was actually quite pleasant, however, I’m now feeling the effects of the crazy week. 

So to end this post, I’m going to tell another story on myself.  When we lived in Vegas, we would go out into the desert for target shooting.   The first time my husband took me to an indoor shooting range, I embarrassed him so bad.  Can you visualize this? 

He sets me up in my shooting booth or whatever it’s called.  Puts up the target on the movable target hooked to a cable wire.  Then when I was ready, I fired my shot.  The next thing we hear is the woowoo sound of the wire flying through the air and the target falling to the ground.  What happened?  I hit the wire with my first shot.  He was so embarrased.  This is a place he used to go to alot … the first time to bring me there and I shoot the wire.  Luckily it was my shooting lane and not someone elses … eek, now that would be embarrasing.   The range was very understanding and had me move to the next spot.  Howevever, they did tell him that if I did it again, it was going to cost us!  I told him that I bet he couldn’t shoot the wire!!   LMAO, poor hubby, it was a while before he took me to an indoor shooting range again.    Yeah, okay, Annie Oakley I’m not, maybe I’m more a Calamity Jane! 

Have a great evening!  Y’all come back now, ya hear??

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