The star of the office

I finally took a picture of our star, Magic.  She is on her second day of recovery from being spayed.  Actually, she is right back to normal.  Amazing how fast animals recover from surgery.  So, introducing, the Star of our office, Mz. Magic


This is her desk or I should say pen along with all her toys!  The best “Stress Reliever” one could ever ask for. 

I went to the park again today for lunch.  Here’s a pic of of the area 

lunch-spot.jpg                           lunch-area.jpg

It was nice to hear the breeze rustling through the branches and not hearing the annoying sound of the phone!

Tonight was our last music theory class.  Unfortunately, the instructor was ill and the substitute was the pastor of the arts ministry.  He is pretty funny.  There were only 5 of us in the class but it was nice.  Next week is auditions … LOL … why do I still get nervous? 

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!  YIPPEEEE!!!  Hope yours is a great one!


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