A better day

I want to thank you all for reading my last post.  I know I was venting and I appreciate you all reading it, even though it wasn’t very up beat.  I apologize to all for being so negative and critical.  Once I got this off my chest, I was able to let it go. 

Today was such a better day.  I did, however, take off at lunch time.  I had made a sandwich with all the fixings and took it all to the park.  I sat and watched the birds.  I will have to do this everyday while the weather is mild. 

Tomorrow is the last music theory class…bummer!  However, next Thursday is auditions for the choir.  After that, each Thursday night is rehearsal.  The choir sings once a month at church.  It is so much fun to be  a part of this group.  They are fun to be around and all of them are very talented!  I am looking forward to another year being in fellowship with them!


2 thoughts on “A better day

  1. I used to work through my lunches, but not any more. I try to avoid too much overtime as well, even though the money is nice. There’s more to life, and even if all you have is a thirty minute lunch, those thirty minutes of life are far better spent in the park with the birds!

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