Well, today was another faulty wiring day.  I felt disconnected from my body all day!  Not sure why.  It must have started this morning, when the alarm went off and I yelled, “It can’t be that time, I just fell asleep!”

That really wasn’t true, since I think I passed out around 10:30pm last night.  Wow, I couldn’t believe I slept so deep last night.  I guess that is the reason for my disconnected feeling.  Either that or it is contagious, since we all felt that way in the office.  Who knows, it may be the smoke coming over the Sierra’s from the fires in Plumas County.

I felt like I was walking through mud all day long.  My feet were heavy and it took a minute for my brain to catch up with my body … and sometimes … it was the other way around.  Very strange feeling!  I definately don’t recommend it!

Tonight I feel okay, just tired.  That seems to be my new living state … tired!  Come noon, I could just curl up under my desk and fall asleep.  Well, that is if it wasn’t for all the gar-bahg under my desk.  I have a box of the company’s Christmas cards that I am sending this year.  I purchased them in July, to take advantage of the 70% discount.  The 70% helps, since I order the foil and get all fancy schmancy for a glass/window company’s Christmas card, but hey, it’s the only time the company can show a little class.  LOL … you know how construction guys are!  No offense, but hey now, isn’t it true?

Let’s see, what else is under my desk, oh lookie here, several FedEx boxes.  Don’t ask what’s in them, I would have to take them out and look through and trust me, no one wants to see me on all fours under my desk.  I pitty the one standing behind me … big bumm and all!  Not to mention all the grunting sounds I make getting to the ground and even worst as I try to stand up!    LOL … I must be tired, I am rambling!

Well, that is my que to sign off.  Gotta try and get more sleep or something like that.  Night all!


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