Indoor Hike

After church we went grocery shopping.  We walked around Walmart.  Our remodeled Walmart is huge.  They broke down walls, and opened it up as well as moved everything around.  So we had to travel the whole store to find what we were looking for.  Once we had our grocery cart packed to the point that my husband had to push, we finally made it to the check out stand.  After Walmart, we went to the other side of the parking lot to Trader Joes and wandered around there.  Thank goodness it is a smaller store.  One the way home, we stopped at Target.  I don’t know why, but I only like to get my paper products at Target.  Maybe because their store brand is actually made by Northern, Kleenex, Brawney & Glad.  So what the heck, I would rather pay Target brand prices than the name brand.  Finally the drive home was about 25 minutes.  By the time we got out of the car, I was sore and stiff.  I told my husband I felt worst than when we hiked for 2 hours up and down hills. 

He looked at my shoes and said, “Number 1, you had boots on for better support, Number 2, that was dirt and we were on concrete for 2 hours, and Number 3, you don’t like noisy crowded places!”  LOL … well, he got me there!  All of the above is so true. 

Now I’m home, comfy clothes on and doin laundry … my usual Sunday chore.  As a treat I get to cut my husband’s hair … hmmm, this could be fun!  Mohawk anyone??


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