Lazy Day

I’ve managed to sit and watch movies all day.  They’ve all been on the Hallmark Channel.  Now it’s going on 7pm and I have accomplished NOTHING!   But that’s okay.  There are days I like doing nothing.  The movie that’s on now is City of Angels.  I forgot what the beginning was like.  I would love to be standing on the beach as the sun was rising.  Hmmm, I am definately ready for an ocean fix.  Just have to figure out when I can make the trip over the passes before the snow starts flying.  Of course, now that Southwest has returned to San Francisco, I can still go when it’s snowing here.

I was looking out the bathroom window above the tub and saw the neighbors roof covered with pigeons.  It felt like I was in the movie “The Birds” – really eerie!

Have a great evening all.  I’m gonna round up sum grub.  LOL, no, I still have not been to the grocery store.  How lame is that?

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