Sunday wander

This afternoon we decided to drive the area to see what is around.  We’ve been in Northern Nevada since 2000 and haven’t really explored different areas.  Today we drove down Hwy 88 and 89.  We went just past Markleeville, then back to 89 and wandered through the Hope Valley and ended up, after a nice incline, at Blue Lakes.   Although most of this wandering was done in the truck, we did get out of the truck and walk around.  Still not up to hiking speed yet.

Carson River just below Markleeville

Carson River past Markleeville


Hubby on Carson River along Hwy 88/89


Me at Lower Blue Lake

Afterwards, we came back up Hwy 89 to Hwy 50 to Kingsbury Grade and back home.  Pretty areas not far from home, how great is that! 

The Blue Lakes are on PG&E property with first come, first serve campgrounds.  We will definately have to come back and camp.  We may have to wait until next year, when hubby’s off on the weekends again.   It’s nice that it isn’t far for a day trip!

One the way back from Blue Lakes, we ran across two deer.  They stood there, facing me,  waiting for me to get a pic with my camera … I kept hitting the wrong button and they finally gave up, here is what I got … LOL … she got tired of waiting and her mom was leaving.   If only she could talk, she’d say, “Come on, lady, I’m posing here!”  Oh well, would have been a nice shot if I wasn’t all thumbs!



5 thoughts on “Sunday wander

  1. where is that place? it seems like a paradise…… wherein there is peace and harmony… very far with the city i lived in……
    Im pretty sure you enjoyed going there…

  2. Wow, Markleeville! I haven’t been there since I was a kid.

    This post reminds me of all the Sunday drives we used to take into the mountains when I was young. Thanks for sharing, and nice pictures!

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