Are we ready for some football??

Well, less than 60 minutes and the Wolfpack will meet the Cornhuskers in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I’m a bit torn on which team I want to win.  If the Cornhuskers win, then my friends in Lincoln will definately let me know.  If the Wolfpack wins, then I can let my friends in Lincoln know!  Not being a big fan of either team is the dilemma.  I’m really not a big college football fan, however, an NFL game, look out baby, cause I’m usually yellin’!!!

What’s my favorite team?  I’m afraid to admit I like the Vikings.  Yes, I know they pretty much suck, but there’s always hope.  I just like to watch 2 good teams play a good game.  I especially like it when the weather is bad and both teams are on an even playing field.  Nothing like trying to hang onto a ball when it is cold and the ground is slippery!  Now that’s a game!

Anyway, happy college football day!  Go Rebels … LOL … er I mean Wolfpack  … er I mean Cornhuskers …. oh the heck with it … Go Irish!!!!!!!


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