One more day

One more full day and it’s the weekend…WOOHOO!!!  I cannot wait to have 3 days off from work!  The only problem with having a Monday off, is that Tuesday becomes a double Monday.  But, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.  Right now, I am so looking forward to doing what I want for three marvelous days!

Tonight was Music Theory.  I have so much fun in this class.  I still cannot name notes, but hey, I’m learning … again!  I just can’t seem to get them to come to the surface.  The names of notes, especially the bass clef are so far back in my memory, it’s hard to find them in the maze.  But we all have a good time!

My daughter has agreed to extend our little weight challenge to January 1, 2008.  My only big hurdle is the holidays.  But, maybe that will keep me from eating overboard!

Today I went through one major and a couple of minor hot flashes!  I felt like I was having a niacin flush, without the niacin!  Oh my, the doctors office said it will be good in the winter time.  LOL … if I survive that long!  Still as I write this my hands are starting to get all red again and I can feel the heat start to radiate out from me … kinda wierd in a totally strange way!  I guess it is another night with all the fans on my side of the bed and my poor husband buried under all the covers! 

I still don’t understand why the female species are so blessed with all these hormonal changes, from teen years to pregnancy & birth to the dreaded change!  Don’t you think the men could at least participate in some of these lovely hormonal garbage that we have to go through?

Of course, men do have their own type of change, their testosterone levels drop and they get grouchy, no energy, etc., it’s their hormones depleting just like ours.  Only they don’t get the lovely hot flashes.  Although, if they take too much niacin, they will experience the niacin flush, which will be about 1/10th of what we go through with our hot flashes.  If you are into natural medicine doctors, they will run tests on your man and see if their hormone levels have dropped.  If so, they will prescribe hormone therapy.  However, that is if you are into natural doctors.  The normal medical docs, well, that’s not their gig.  No offense to one of the docs I know who may be reading this blog.

I can’t get mine to a natural doctor, but that’s okay.  At least his doctor has a great sense of humor and puts up with both of us in the same room!  Now that’s a challenge!


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