Is it Friday yet??

What a day!  I’m frustrated, tired, & mad, however, not like I was earlier.  Days like today make me wish I was already at my 5-15 year plan.  My walk down on Lakeshore Blvd didn’t help either.  It just made me more tired, sweaty and smelly … LOL … sorry TMI! 

When I left the office to pick up lunch, I was yelling and arguing with God.  What I thought was a one sided conversation, proved me wrong.  As I was yelling and telling Him my frustrations, anger, and all, I had an interesting experience.  It felt like He was sitting next to me waiting for me to finish screaming at Him.  I felt like He was asking if I was finished yet so He could wrap me up in His arms.  All the wind left my anger sails. 

I was able to go back to work a little calmer.  However, I was still harboring the anger and frustrations.  I just could not let it go.  Now that I am home and not around people or traffic, I finally feel better.  I also feel ashamed for yelling, but it is so nice to know I can yell at Him and when I’m done, He forgives me.  He has so much work to do in me before I have that much grace and mercy to show others.


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