All in a days work

It has been pretty hectic today.  Problems, solutions, problems, solutions, problems, shootings!  I think we all said, “Just shoot me now” a few times today.  The closer we get to Labor Day, the worst the days are going to get.  This is the last big hoorah before the tourists and part-time residents go home.  And of course, they want everything done yesterday!  I have to admit I was a bit short tempered today also.  Something I am trying very hard NOT to be. 

We have a major star at our work.  She only works in the afternoon and all the customers come in asking for her.  If she isn’t there, they make sure they come back when she is.  It would be annoying, however, if it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t have anything to look forward to.  Today she was wearing a black T-shirt with DIVA in sparkles along with her bling bling necklace.  That’s our girl.   Everyone loves her and cannot wait for her to come to work.  Her desk is between me and the office manager and she gets to do pretty much what she dang well pleases!

If you haven’t guessed yet, our little DIVA is a 3 month old black pug, named Magic.  Everyone looks forward to hearing her panting the minute she walks in the door.  When you pick her up to snuggle, she nose sprays you while licking you to death.  She definately has a job at our shop.  It’s called “Stress Reliever”!  It doesn’t matter what kind of day you are having, just picking up this little thing and your day is so much better that you can face the next screaming customer!  Best part is the customers melt when they see her and forget all about screaming at ya!  She belongs to the office manager and her husband, who is also one of the owners.  Her desk is actually a doggie play pen with all her toys!  She was wearing a DIVA shirt and her bling bling collar.  We now need to get her a pair of sunglasses!  Funny, as I write this, I hear Sly and The Family Stone sing, “Everybody is a star … ”  for those of you that don’t know who Sly and The Family Stone are … bummer dude!  For those of you that do … rock on!

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