Going through life with blinders on

How many of us do this?  Yes, I have my hand raised also.  I am so guilty of that and I need to stop!  Someone had apologized to me for being so unaware of what the ministry I am involved with does.  This person has taken over the outreach ministry and my involvement is a small corner of outreach.  He decided to make it a goal to be more aware of what is going on in our church.

Which got me to thinking … LOL … I know, here we go … It isn’t just church things … but life things that we all go through with blinders on.  We may see something, but choose not to see it or acknowledge it. 

So, what do you look at as you drive to work/school/errands/gym?  How many of you said the back of the car in front of you.  What are the thoughts going through your mind?  How can they possibly hear that music with the bass so loud … lol … oh sorry, I said your mind, not mine.   Well, since I can’t hear your mind, this is what goes through mine:

  • Would you hurry up the light is going to change.  See, I told you! 
  • Go, go, go, geez, you could have put a semi through that space! 
  • Would you all just DRIVE!!
  • You stay in your lane and I’ll stay in mine!
  • Detour!  No thank you, I don’t want a tour!
  • Now what are you doing to the road, you just fixed it last week!

So, did we see the sun rising as we were waiting at the light?  Did we see the person with cerebral palsy riding his bike so he doesn’t stiffen up.  Did we see the way the light rays were shining through the clouds over the mountain? 

This is just in driving that the blinders are on.  What about seeing the needy, the homeless, the abused woman/child, the person standing next to you with such a distraught look on their face.  It only takes one minute for our circumstances to change and that could be any of us; needy, homeless, abused, sad, distraught and physically disabled. 

With today’s economy, who will be the next victim to be laid off?  Is it you?  Is it me?  Is it the single mom barley making enough money to raise her child?  What happens then?

I challenge all of us, me included, to take off our blinders.  See the world around us, the good, the beautiful and the sad.  So we can appreciate our circumstances today.  If you feel a tug to help someone, do it!  You will feel pretty good inside.  You can always pay for the car behind you at the drive-in restaurant or coffee place.  Go ahead, I dare you! 


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