I actually walked tonight after work.  I was able to make it back up the hill without oxygen … LOL … that’s an improvement from Monday!

Well, they drew 4 large thingies of blood.  Everyone else before me was done in a split second … not me … it seemed like it took forever.  Then I had to do the tinkle in the cup.  Oh goodie!  You guys have it easy.  You can whip it out and aim.  We have to do whatever it takes to make sure we are hitting the cup!  Not to mention, in the desert you don’t have to worry about something jumping up and biting your bumm when you gotta tinkle!  LOL … sorry all, just had to get that off my chest.

So, my husband told me this morning that he had lost another 5 pounds.  As I said before … well, you know …  No, I didn’t lose anything, according to the doc’s scales.  According to the Doc, I’ve lost my marbles, what else is new?!

I have to tell you about this sandwhich on Geek Hiker’s blog.  You have to see it to appreciate it … the site is on my blogroll.  His sandwich has received such aclaim from everyone … you’ve gotta check it out!  Anyway, I had to say this to lead into my sandwich story … NO, I did NOT make it … however, it was quite yummy.  It was on grilled cranberry/wheat bread with turkey slices, cream cheese, cranberry jelly, and lettuce.  Oh my, it was quite delicious!  Then I shared a large oatmeal raisin cookie with the saleman (the same one who picked up my desk items from the floor.)  This cafe/bakery is right behind my work.  We don’t go there too often, since it is quite pricey, however, everything is made/baked by them.  By the cash register they have all their baked goods staring at you, calling your name and when you are about to cave in, you see the price and decide you really don’t need it.  Want it, yes, but I could use the money elsewhere than to appease my eyes and craving.  I’ll have to get one of those cell phones with a camera so I can take pictures of my world.  Who knows, I may run into Bruce Willis in the mountain town I work in.  LOL, like I’d recognize him!

Sorry, this is a long post, my brain is jumping from thought to thought and i’m trying to keep up by writing them down quickly before the fleeting thought disappears. 

Last night was Music Theory.  Very basic stuff, however, it is nice to review the basics.  Last year was the first time I had sang in a long time.  So reading music, being an Alto, was easy, since Alto music is written in the treble clef.  I am so rusty on the bass clef.  I really miss having a piano around to keep my brain reading that side of the music.  Must be a left brain/right brain thing.  Not sure which is which, but I am definately week on one of those sides.  I am afraid to ask my husband for a piano.  He’s had to move my old upright piano so many times, that we left it in Vegas with someone … lol … don’t even remember who.  But a full keyboard one would be cool, that way it has volume control!  Hmmm … an item for my wish list … besides a big truck to pull my travel trailer!  If you are gonna wish … why not wish big?  LOL, I am NOT holding my breath. 

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