Oh, you are one of those people!

If you can’t tell by some of the things I’ve posted and the music/videos I have displayed, I am “one of those people.”  So who is one of those people anyway.  Well, let’s just say, yes, I believe in God, I believe Jesus is my Savior and I believe through Jesus’ blood, my sins have been washed away.

I also want to apologize to any of you that have been treated badly or judged by other Christians.  I cannot apologize for their specific actions or motives, however, I can apologize for the way you have been treated.  Through this blog, I just want to be as real and raw to show you I am human and yes, I can make mistakes.  I am not above anyone else.  We are human and we all make mistakes.  I’m not here to defend Christianity, I just want to tell you my story. 

I used to be so restless that I could not sit still.  I would be sitting and I felt like they had to go somewhere.  I also felt so depressed, like being suffocated by a huge dark cloud.  Feeling I wasn’t good enough for anything and so insecure.  I always asked myself, this is it?  My little dark corner of the world was it?  Just shoot me now!  I was very mean.  I didn’t have nice thoughts about people and I always thought I was right and it was the other person that was the jerk.  I was consumed with envy, anger, selfishness and pride. 

About a year and a half ago, I let Jesus in and an amazing thing happened.  I stopped feeling restless and I had a thirst to learn more about Him.  The dark cloud started to leave until I finally felt like I was worth something.  I realized I was loved.  I’m not saying my life is all peaches and cream, however, I now know I have a loving power inside me, helping me through all the trials that come my way.   I know He has alot of work still to do in me, but I welcome His work.  I try to see the lessons I’m being taught by whatever goes on in my life.   I look at things different.  If someone says something that has a strong impact on me, then I realize it is something I was meant to hear. 

I just felt I had to get this out in the open … I guess, in a sense, I am coming out.  Not hiding in my other blog, but coming out in the open and letting you all know what I believe.  I am still the same person whose been writing in this blog since July.   

If I have touched just one person by all this, then being raw and real in the blogsphere world was well worth it.

I promise, we will get back to the regular broadcasting soon.  I just had to get this off my chest.  Thanks for listening … hmmm, I guess I should say, Thanks for reading, especially if you made it all the way to the end of this post!  Thanks, my friend!


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