Scott Baio vs Johnnie V

Today is my day to watch the shows I’ve recorded.  So, basically, I’m being a bum. 

I watched Scott Baio is 45 and still single.  I’m amazed there are still guys out there like Johnnie V … now, I know, this is a Realty TV show and you can believe only a small percentage of what you see on it, however, I thought these kind of guys were extinct.  But, when I think about it, they aren’t.  They are still out there … still trying to be funny and coming off obnoxious, still trying to be smooth with the ladies and only coming off to be desparate. 

I always say this, however, it is so very true.  I am so thankful I am not on the dating scene anymore.  (No offense to those of you that are single.)  It’s just I couldn’t do it, in this day and in my age.  If anything happened with my marriage, I think I would be an old lady with cats and a really fast car living in a travel trailer!!  Now,  there’s a visual!

I really do hope Scott figures out his life and why he’s still single.  It is amazing to see the shocked looks on his face as the women he dated tells him, over and over again, what went wrong.  It’s a hard lesson he’s learning, but a journey that will be well worth it. 


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