Here we go again …

As you can see, I’ve been playing on my site again.  Sonific changed their site, so we can add more than 1 song at a time.  How cool is that?  I’ve discovered I enjoy a wide variety of music.  Must be from my parent’s upbringing, music and dance was always a part of our lives.  

Do I have a favorite?   I don’t think I do anymore.  If anyone were to drive in the car with me, I’d probably drive them crazy.   I constantly bounce from country, oldies, soft rock, christian music, jazz, classic rock, etc.  (Hmmmm, must be where my daughter gets it from)  Because of Sonific, I’ve discovered hip hop/rap can be fun to listen to, depends on the artist and the words.  Of course, that is the whole point to rap, you have to listen to the words.  It has a beat and a message, some messages aren’t very good, however, it’s nice to know there are artists out there who still communicate good messages.


One thought on “Here we go again …

  1. HI,

    I work at Sonific, and have a habit of every now and then checking the blogs using our Sopngspots. Thanks for your support, and keep up the good work with your blog!

    cheers, Kimmo

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