Finale of So You Think You Can Dance

Even though I had heard who the winner was, I just finished watching the last 2 weeks of this show.   I am so glad I didn’t delete them.  Such great talent from these dancers and so entertaining to watch them hold it together through the end.  You can see they still work as a team and care alot about each other.  They will never forget the incredible opportunity to travel the country performing together.  I hope the egos don’t get in the way of their relationships.  Congratulations, Sabra, quite an accomplishment with only 4 years of dancing!!  Such encouragement for the younger generation.

So watching all this dancing, I decided to try and see if I could still do a couple of leaps and turns … my brain kept telling me I could and I was still young … however, …  all I heard was a chorus of laughter from my body! 


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