You can teach an old dog new tricks!!

I had a music theory class today at our church.  The choir director has offered this class to help the choir members with timing, notes and reading music.  As I’ve mentioned earlier, I was in our junior & high school band and played piano when I was younger, so I am able to read music.  Since it has been a long long time since I’ve actually had to play a note on any instrument, I learned a couple of things tonight.

The Treble Clef is also known as the G-Clef, because the loop of the clef, goes around the G staff.  And I always thought it was because it looked like a “G”. 

The Bass Clef is also known as the F-Clef, because the dark part of the curl starts on the F staff.  Then one dot goes above and one dot goes below the F staff.  Amazing … I never new this.  If I did, it is locked away in the back of the maze in my brain.

Now, for the coolest thing I learned today – I have always had trouble reading the Bass Clef or in piano, the line that the left hand plays.  The notes were in different places, etc … however, she compared the Treble Clef and the Bass Clef in such a way, that I was able to wrap my brain around it and understand.  The Bass Clef notes are always one line or one space below the treble clef notes.  (for treble clef notes a B would be on the 3rd staff or line, for bass clef notes a B would be on the 2nd staff line.)  WOOHOO!!!  Such a revelation to one who has struggled with the Bass Clef for …. way too many years!!

This is a 5 week class and I am so looking forward to each one.

Yes, it is the little things that excite me!  So, old dog, new trick … it can be done!


3 thoughts on “You can teach an old dog new tricks!!

  1. I am fascinated by your postings and appreciate you visiting my site too.

    I’m a new fan of Sodoku, which helps keep the mind active. Have you given it a shot?

    This is a funny story. When my nonprofit finance committee had overload on some other finance details and we were eating, I took them on on journey through an actual Sodoku puzzle on a white board, and it was fun. More details if you might care to know.

    My second degree was in gerontology (who knew I’d be nearing it oh, wow, now, lol), so I see things from an interesting (wow, I already knew but hate that it’s happening because 15 years ago I studied it) perspective.

    Please keep posting .. you are doing an exquisite job!

    I appreciate most the human, down to earth spirituality you engender. The post on reminded me of CS Lewis. g

  2. Hey G: Thanks for visiting … I’ve seen books on Sodoku and my daughter in law got into it, but I’ve not tried it. As much as I used to like numbers, it would probably be something I’d enjoy. I’d love more details.
    Thanks for your kind words … who knows what my thoughts will have me right about next … LOL … I never know until my fingers hit the keys OR something tugs on me, until I get out of bed and start writing.

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