Great weekend continued

I’ve been busy again this weekend.  Our oldest daughter and her family were back for the 2nd half of their visit.  Due to work schedules they had to split the time into 2 separate trips.  Alot of driving with 2 little ones, which grandpa and grandma really appreciate very much!!  With my husband being short handed at work, it is difficult to go anywhere.  Also this is my works busy season so taking off more than a weekend is also difficult.  Although I did take today (Monday) off so I wouldn’t fall asleep at my work computer again.

We had a good visit and as usual, sad to see them go.  We miss them already.  House is all quiet once again.  It’s time to recoup and get back in our normal routine.  How fast summer is going, before you know it, Christmas will be here … ugh, along with the snow … double ugh!

I hope you all had a great weekend and thanks for visiting … I promise there is more to come, once my brain gets some rest.


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