So you think you can dance?

Oh my!  I have been watching 2 weeks worth of recorded “So you think you can dance” episodes.   I give all those dancers alot of credit.  Coming from so many different backgrounds and pulling a routine together in a week is amazing.  I’m not sure about the female judge … I guess there has to be 1 annoying judge in the panel somewhere.    I have come to dislike Thursdays, since that is elimination day.  However, since I record them, Thursday turns out to be any day I chose.

I think my mouth is always open as these dancers perform the different styles.  Watching them go from Hip Hop to Ballroom to Jazz to Contemporary to Latin to Broadway … styles of dance have broadened over the years.  When I was growing up, the only styles were ballet, jazz & tap.  Somewhere along the line modern dance was added. 

Once my husband gets back to a normal working schedule, I am going to enroll us back into Ballroom Dance.  I really miss it … so does he but he won’t admit it.   Maybe we’ll see you on the dance floor!  We’ll be the ones laughing at ourselves.


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