Great Weekend

I’ve been a little occupied this weekend.  Our oldest daughter and her family were here for the weekend.  So we were able to spend time with our grandchildren.  We couldn’t believe how much they have grown!  Grandpa spent 2  days fishing with his grandson and son-in-law.  So us girls, grandma, daughter & baby hung out around the hot house (no airconditioning).  

They left early Monday morning and the house is now way too quiet!   I didn’t think we were worn out, however, I fell asleep at work, not once, but 3 times,  with my hand on the mouse, while I was entering a window quote.  I have no idea how long I had been asleep, I know it was only a few minutes, but still!  Grandpa is already in bed.  Geesh, the miles on our bodies just can’t seem to keep up with the age of the youth.  

We can’t wait to see them again in 2 weeks.  Being worn out is definately worth it!!

Speaking of youth, I have to tell you.  I was driving to my last book club meeting   😦   , on the highway, I saw a van off the road and the cows were mingling around the fence.  I wondered if they were part of the ranch hands and I was seriously considering pulling over, stopping and asking if I can pet a cow.  Well, as I got closer, the real reason why they had stopped was revealed.  A little toddie, apparently just potty trained, was sitting on his potty chair, on the ground, in front of all the cows.  Talk about pressure, he had to do his business while being watched by 50 mooing cows. 

Can you imagine what the cows were thinking?  “Myrtle, what the heck is he sitting on?”  “Harriet, what’s that smell?”

All I can say, is … when ya gotta go, ya gotta go !!  I laughed all the way to church!


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