How was your day?

Every have one of those days when you realize your brain wasn’t with you the day before?  Let me explain.  Yesterday at work, I thought I had my brain with me, however, today, I was finding that I either forgot something, or drew a sample one way and wrote it out the opposite way or just plain didn’t do something. 

I have to review the confirmations of our orders.  I received a  confirmation and it said clear glass and not LowE glass.  I called the supplier and had them correct it.   Being the arrogant person that I can be at work, I blamed it on the salesperson since they usually change things and do not make any notations on the purchase order.  Well, not long after that, another person from our supplier called and said someone called them yesterday afternoon to change it to clear …. Well …  that person was me …  DUH!!   I changed it, because our customer called right when we were closing to change the glass to clear.  In my haste, I called the supplier and didn’t change the purchase order.   I had to retract what I said about our salesmen.  Yes, I did feel stupid!   

Unfortunately, that is how my morning went.  All the things I did or didn’t do came back to haunt me.  My lesson today was humility.  I must have finally passed, since the afternoon went more smoothly.


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