Doc visit

The other day my husband and I had a doctors appointment, same day, same time and were put in the same room.  It was our monthly checkup his lungs and my diabetes. 

Other than me putting forth an effort to lose weight, I had no idea my husband was secretly doing the same.  I arrived at the docs office first and they did the normal weight, temp, blood pressure, blood sugar test.  Then my husband arrived and went through all the normal stuff, less the blood sugar.  Well, he and the nurse come in and the nurse said he had lost 7 pounds.  I looked at him and lovingly said, “You Suck!!!”  Then they did his blood pressure and even with his hectic day, his pressure was better than mine and I’m on medication.  To which I so lovingly said, “And you SUCK again!!!”  Can you feel the love?

The doctor we see has his whole family working for him.  So a couple of his daughters are the nurses, the others are the back office personnel and his wife works the front.  The doc has a great sense of humor, twisted like ours, so it feels like a  party while we are there.   As one can imagine, we were off to a roaring good time by the time the doc entered the room.  Not sure who got the most abuse, us or him.


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