January 22, 2016

I recently caught a glimpse of my backside in the mirror today.  I knew I was losing condition there, but it reminded me of a baby elephant that one of the presenters named, “Wrinkly Bottom”.  His mom also had a very wrinkly bottom, however, the baby was very brave and would challenge the vehicle by lifting up its head and trunk, holding out his ears to look bigger.  At times, he would rear up on his hind legs.  Baby ellies are so funny when they do that.  He would charge and stop when the vehicle didn’t move.  When he looked around, he realized that the rest of the herd had moved off, he ran toward his mom, with his tail straight out behind him.  It had been a while since we saw Mr. Wrinkly Bottom.  We saw him the other day on game drive.  He wasn’t in a playful mood as he just kept running after mom.  So that’s what my rear reminded me of … Mr. Wrinkly Bottom!

January 15, 2016

I’ve recently said to a friend that I accept and love her for who she is, the good, the bad & the ugly.  This got me to thinking, that she is more family to  me than a friend.  Which then got me thinking, what are the definitions of each?

Well, according to Merriam-Webster, these are the definitions:

Family:  A group of people who are related to each other

Friend:  One attached to each other by affection or esteem

I got to thinking, isn’t that supposed to be what is a family, attached to each other by affection or esteem?  I thought Merriam-Webster had them switched.  However, reading and hearing the news, people are demonstrating that they are just a group of people who are related to each other.  They lack the affection and esteem toward one another.  That thought made me sad.  My parents taught us that we are family through thick  and thin and that we are to love and respect each of our siblings as sometimes they may be all you have.

As I described my friend above, the actual definition of friend applies.  I think there should be a word in between that describes a friend that is more like family … Framily?  Famiend?  Familfriend?   LOL … I don’t know, but a combination of both.  I suppose Friend will do for now, if I go with the Merriam-Webster definition.  But she is family, as the saying goes, a sister from another mister!!

I am blessed to have family that are friends as well as friends who are family.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I just hope I can pass that on to my next generation.


January 12, 2016

Last night hubby was going through boxes and found my school transcripts.  It showed I went to Kindergarten at a public school.  I remember going to a Parochial school for six years, but had no recollection of going to Kindergarten at this one school.  I kept thinking and thinking and yeah, nothing was coming to my brain.

I sent a message to my oldest friend, one that’s known me forever and asked her.  She gave me names of the two teachers at that time.  They both sounded familiar, so I wasn’t sure.  The teacher she had, she described her room and what she looked like and even where her room was at the school.  LOL, I don’t even remember going to that school.  It was amazing that she had these vivid memories and I had nothing.

As I thought about it, I remember bits and pieces, but nothing that is enough to make any sense.  For the six years at the Parochial school, I remember the playground, where & which classrooms were which, the principal, the teachers, but I could not describe each room or some of the teachers.  For my first three grades, it was easy as they were nuns and wore the same habit.  But the civilian teachers … nope.  I do know I had one teacher for 4th & 6th grade.  After that I went to a public junior high.  Now I do have memories of those year … well, more than my elementary years.

Why is it some people of great memories from childhood?  My hubby is the same way.  He’s moved all over the country being an Air Force brat, but he remembers years, places, details, etc.  It just amazes me.

I told my friend that she needed to write down our memories as mine are spotty!!  Thank God for friends who can piece together my past!!!  I know I’ll get the full flash of my life at judgement time, but I want to know now, not when I’m answering for them.  LOL

How far back do you remember?  And are these memories in full detail??

January 7, 2016

I spoke to my bestest friend last night on video chat.  It had been over a year since I’ve actually talked to her.  We usual message back and forth every day or every other day, but this was the first time to actually see her and talk.  It was so great as I miss her so much!  I love that we can laugh and carry on as if we were actually together.

We watched our grandbaby last night.  She is speaking so clear now and knows what she wants or not wants.  We watched her favorite movie, “The Little Mermaid”and she’ll sing and dance with the music.  We get to have her again tonight for a couple of hours.  YAY!

The weather is supposed to be snowing, but right now it’s raining.  The snow will appear later today or night.  One never knows in the midwest, storms appear or disappear out of the blue.

Just thought I’d stop in and say, “Hey!”  Not much else going on, but I do need to go to the basement to get the laundry going.  As I’ve taken a pain med & muscle relaxer, I had best wait until the effects are not so strong.  LOL, life with Scleroderma.  Gotta love it … NOT!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day, where ever you are!!!


Hangs My Head In Shame

Wow, have I been a slacker!!!  The holidays came and went so fast, that they are a blur.  I’ve been in heaven spending all the holidays with my son and his family.  It’s been pretty cool!!  Not that I don’t miss my friends, because I really do miss my friends in Nevada, however, being 15 years without my kids, being near one of them is a huge blessing!  I think out of those 15 years, there were maybe 2 or 3 years we were able to be with the kids.

I hope you all had a safe and Happy New Year!!  Even though New Year’s Eve is our anniversary, we always stay home on that crazy night.

I’ve become addicted to Safari Live on Wild Earth online.m  This will probably be the closest I’ll ever get to a Live Safari.  With them on a live drive and a camera, I feel like I’m sitting on the back of a Land Rover.  But, not only is it live and you can hear the guide, but it’s also interactive.  You can ask them a question through twitter or email.  There have been so many animals in their natural habitat, doing their thing, even if it is killing another animal for food.  But even the gruesome is interesting.  If you are interested in checking it out go to http://www.ustream.tv/channel/wildearth-safaris   OR   http://www.wildearth.tv/cam/wildearth-safaris    The live safaris are daily, 8am – 11am central time and 9pm – 12pm central time.  There is a YouTube channel that you can watch the live safaris, but I have to access it through my twitter notification.  In between they usually have the live cam on the Djuma dam, so you can also see animals at the dam when the live safaris are not on.  These safaris are in the Djuma & Arathusa Game Reserves.  Which is a small portion of the Kruger National Park in South Africa.  It’s pretty cool.

Anyways, I hope you all had a great New Year and that this year brings wonderful things for you!!!


1st Day of September

How did that happen??  I had a slew of things I wanted to do with the grandkids as they were out of school.  Before I knew it, school started and I didn’t get any of them done!!   No trips to Omaha’s zoo or to the state parks.  No fun in the sun.  Granted some days were quite humid, but still!!  Really Sad!

So school has started and our schedule is getting full.  I. LOVE. IT.   The more time with the grand littles, the more the pain hides away as the distraction is what I need!!  Actually what hubby & I both need as he’s been in pain also with his back.

It’s amazing how the pain takes a back seat to the things we do and time we spend with the kids.  Our minds are busy involved with them.  But when we are home alone, oh boy, does our body let us know that the pain we suppressed is rearing it’s ugly head, once again.  Oh well!!  A part of our lives!

How did your summer go?  Do anything interesting?  I’m not sure what we did.  It came & went so fast, that I’ve only got glimpses of memory.  Our friends and sisters came to town.  This month our middle daughter comes out to visit.  I’m so looking forward to it!!

November my sis is flying us to Phoenix for a Thanksgiving family reunion with our Stockton family.  Then we are driving to Las Vegas and will be there for the week after turkey day.   I’m excited to be going.  Not excited about the travel part, but I’m sure I’ll get over it!!

Not much else is knew here.  Hope you all are having a wonderful day!!

Bad Day

This morning is the beginning of a bad day.  Last night my arms hurt so bad and nothing was helping.  Hubby kept rubbing my arms as well as me taking a pain med and muscle relaxer.  Nothing was working, so I asked for prayer, which helped ease the pain to allow me to sleep.

This morning, I started out with a pain med.   Besides my arms, my  stomach and the tops of my legs are aching.  On days like this I want to just lay down and moan.  I know I should just get up and move, but with all these parts aching, I decided to try and blog.  It will be a short blog, but I’m at least getting my fingers moving and taking my brain off the pain.

I haven’t had many bad pain days lately, so this is hitting me pretty hard.

We had friends visit around the 22nd of July.  It was great fun as we visited as well as toured some of the attractions here in our town.  It was sad to see them go, but I was thankful we were able to see them!

This month my sister is flying to KC for a week.  Sometime during that week, she and my other sister are driving up to visit.  Not sure which day that will be, but I’m looking forward to it.

In September, my middle daughter is flying out for a visit.  it will be nice to see her also!!

Well, that’s about all I can update as my brain isn’t getting as distracted as I hoped.  Y’all have a good one!!