Six Months!?!

Actually it is 6 1/2 months for my initial appointment with the Rheumatologist – my appointment is October 31st.  What the heck!!!!!  I guess we don’t have that many in this area, so they book out 6 months at a time.  If I have something serious, I’ll be crippled by that time!!  Argh!!  Kinda frustrating on my end.    We see our regular doc next week, we’ll ask him if this is normal for up here.  One of his daughter’s that work in his office, said that 6 months is normal.  Crazy, I tell ya, just Crazy!!!

I survived my 2nd full day at work!!  Hubby’s not feeling well again, as he has a low grade fever.  We both do not need this all over again.  I’m finally feeling almost normal, I cannot get sick again!!  Neither can he, he’s pretty aggravated also.  *sigh* I don’t think it helps that it is still cold here and it was snowing today.  I am so looking forward to 70′s this weekend.  I may work in the yard!  Well, as much as I can.  I find I have to go slow in whatever I do.  I walked to the post office the other day and I was moving at a turtle’s pace.

What now?

I went to the eye doc on Monday for a check up, it turns out my eye sight got 3 lines worst.  Doc wasn’t too happy and I had to go to his other office to have a scan of my eye done.  So Wednesday afternoon, I had the scan and my cataracts have grown, especially in my right eye, which is rapidly growing.

Unfortunately, I need 2 more surgeries.  From what he says it will be a piece of cake compared to the last eye surgery I had.  But still…so on 12/20/12 I have cataract surgery on my right eye and 12/27/12 I have it done on my left eye.  I just need money to fall out of the sky to pay for my co-pay for these surgeries.

So much for Christmas for our grandbabies.  I’m not thrilled but if I don’t want to lose my eye sight, I guess I had better get this done.  Thankfully the recovery time is a day AND I don’t have to stay face down for a week.  I have mixed emotions as I’m hopeful with the outcome, but am concerned about the funds that need to be paid up front.  I know, turn it over to my Savior and wait … so that’s what I’m doing.

Oh and I need to get my drivers license renewed on Monday, before my birthday.  As I have to go in, I’m going to have hubby drive me just in case I don’t pass the eye test.

I’m so happy I could just scream!!  So how has your week been?

Now What?

Sometimes I think to myself … Lord, you can come anytime, I’m ready to be done with this body.  Then I think of my grand-babies and know I”m not ready to leave them.  This past week was one of those times when I was ready for Him to come.

Something new and exciting for me … Wet Macular Degeneration … for information on this, click here.   I’m not sure how I feel about it and I’m not thrilled there is no cure, but I’m thankful there is something they can do to try and slow down the progression of the vision loss.

I found out on Thursday afternoon that I had this and the doc wanted to get me in the next day to get the testing done right away., however, his and my schedule just wasn’t going to work.   I’m not thrilled there is a week wait, but then again, I need the week to prepare myself.  I’ve gone through all the normal initial reactions and now I’m slowly getting to acceptance.  It is, what is it and with God’s grace and guidance, strength, comfort and peace, I’ll get through this.   There have been times I’ve been sad, angry, frustrated and plain ticked off, but I’m working through it.

Thursday is the day I go through 2 hours of testing so my eye doc can determine the next plan of action.  Prayers are welcome and I’ll keep y’all posted.

Now back to my regular scheduled rant

Do you all know what day it is??  Normally it would be the income tax deadline, however, this year it is April 17th.  But still … as usual … I’ve waited until today to do the lovely paperwork.  Why do I wait so long?  Because it never fails, I have to pay at the end of the year, which really ticks me off.   I always hear about people getting really great refunds, etc.  What the heck is their secret??  They must be way better record keepers than I am!  Yes, I would like some cheese with my whine, Thank you very much!!

Of course, I could cook up great deductions, etc … however, that wouldn’t be right and besides, I would be the one that got caught!  So, I play by the rules and get (blanked) every year.  I really dislike this time of year!

I’m feeling sort of better.  Throat doesn’t hurt as much, it’s just irritated as my sinuses keep draining.  Fourth day of antibiotics and one would think I would be feeling great!  Yeah, not quite the case, but I am ssssoooo ready to go back to work.  Daytime TV is not entertaining!  The only things worth while watching are the NCIS reruns.

Well, I stopped in to rant and rave … I guess I’ll sign off.  I need to do the dishes.  Oh goody!!

Happy Sunday, y’all!

Fire and Ice

This morning I was mad.  I was so mad I could feel the anger bubbling and the resentment building that I wanted to just explode and scream and yell.  Knowing that isn’t what Jesus would do, I sat and gave it all to God, my anger, my yelling, my madness, my resentment.  I feel so much better and the red I was seeing is fading away.  I’m pretty happy about that as my throat is sore and yelling and screaming isn’t something that would do me good.

When I went to the doc on Tuesday about my sore throat, I asked him about my hip.  I’m not thrilled about his diagnosis.  With the symptoms  I gave him, turns out I have Sciatica.  Basically, a nerve is being pinched, because my disc in my lower back is protruding out.  I’m supposed to stay off my feet as much as possible.  If it doesn’t calm down, it will eventually need surgery.  The minute he said the “S” work, I decided to find alternative help.

Yesterday I went to the chiropractor.  He put me on the decompression table, which is a traction table.  It really felt good and soon I felt circulation in my feet … which I had no idea I was lacking.  After that he adjusted my back and neck.  I have to go through several treatments and I’m hopeful that it will relieve the problem.  He also gave me an ice pack, which I am to use as often as possible.

My GP gave me antibiotics for my throat.  It isn’t on fire like it was, but it is still sore.    So I just want to sit here and eat my sorrows away.   Probably not a good thing, but getting comfort from food is my downfall!! 

I guess I had better get the hubby up, so he can go to the eye doc.  Y’all have a great Thursday.  I’ll be going back and forth between the couch and the bed with my trusty ice pack and glass of water.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Those of you that comment or read my wacky thoughts are a big part of my virtual world and I wish you all a wonderful day today!

I know I’ve been scarce on my postings.  Not a whole lotta stuff going on from this side of the computer.    So, let’s see what comes out of these fingers today.

Last week I had to work all week.  Our salesman’s father had fallen and was having major health issues.  So our salesman flew to Texas to help and take care of what needed to be done.    He was away all last week, so I was to help in the office.  I know how tough this was for the salesman, as they’ve told him that his father now has alzheimers.   He’s had to move his dad into a nursing home as he no longer can care for himself.  Recently our salesman lost his mom.  His dad and mom were married over 60 years.  It’s wierd how when a couple have been together that long and one dies, the surviving spouse usually goes within a year.  I wonder why that is. 

Our oldest daughter will be giving birth to our new grand-daughter in March.  That is so exciting!  We can’t wait to see pictures!!

Our middle daughter will be running a marathon in Las Vegas, also in March.  That is so exciting also.  Since hubby has to take a class in Vegas that same weekend, I may check out the route and see if I can go stand there and cheer her on.

Our son is driving to Vegas in April, for his half sister’s wedding and bringing the grandbabies.  We are going to try and drive down so hubby can see the grandbabies.  He hasn’t seen them in a couple of years.

Somewhere before all this I need to get the front brakes replaced.  HAH, all it takes is money.  I sure wish this money tree in the backyard would start growing!!

Something we’ve had to come to grips with is that if we cannot afford to go somewhere, then we can’t go.  We end up missing alot of what our children and our grandchildren are going through, but we see them with the pictures that are posted.   People think we don’t care or that we care only for one more than the other, which is just a bunch of horse crap!!  We are parents and grandparents and we care for each and everyone one of our children/grandchildren.    We don’t live close to any of the kids, so trying to attend a special event is a major event for us.   So to those that think poorly of us for not being there for our children and grandchildren, I feel sorry for you.  Until you’ve walked in our situation and circumstances, you have no right to judge.  Besides, judging isn’t your job … It’s God’s!

Alrighty then … where did all this come from?!?!  I guess it’s been building inside me for the past few days from a comment left by an extended family member.  I read it and it sounded like a dig.  The more I thought about it, the more it festered that how dare this person make a remark like that when they have no idea what we are going through.  So I guess I had to get it all out here.  Sorry guys, but thanks for reading through my rant as I feel so much better now.  And hey, it’s MY BLOG and if I want to rant and rave … I can … HAH!

LOL - welcome to a Tim Burton’s version of Valentine’s Day!!  

I guess I’ll go root around in the fridge and see what there is to eat.   I may have to dig up some coins for chocolate!  Chocolate, the all over feel good remedy!

And I shaved my legs for this?

How do I describe my boss … let’s say he’s similar to Steve Carrell’s character in The Office as he’s clueless.    I work for a narcissist and a pathological liar, which makes for roller coaster work days.  Those of us in the office that answer the phones spend the majority of our work day apologizing for his behavior and careless operating procedures.  Oh wait, what am I saying … there are no operating procedures, it’s his decission, his way, it doesn’t matter what the customer or anyone else asks for. 

His standard answers are:  “NO!”  “We’ll get there when we get there!”  “We’ve tried to do this job 10 times and they are never ready!  So now they have to wait!!”  “We’ve tried to do this job and no one is around!  So now they’re out of luck!!” “Not gonna happen!” “I don’t care!”  “Tell them you can’t find me!”  “We need to raise our prices!  Everyone esle is!”   “I’m on the phone!!!”  “Don’t bother me, Woman!!”  “What do you want?”

These comments we get on a daily basis. As of January, 2011, I will have been there 11 years.  Some have been there 20+ years.  I’m still trying to figure out, why this person is one of my bosses. 

I work for a window, glass and shower subcontractor.  When you want a job done, isn’t it wise to schedule a job BEFORE the crew is sent out?  Oh yeah AND call the customer first TO SCHEDULE THE JOB so they will be there or can make arrangements to let you in?  Well, in the real world that is usually how things work. 

However, in my boss’ world, he will dish out the work orders, to his crew – NOT SCHEDULE ANY OF THEM – then gets upset when the customers are not there and the guys bring the orders back not completed.  Which always leads to this comment, “We’ve tried to do this job 10 times and they’re never ready!”

He wonders why we don’t get window jobs anymore.  He’ll deliver windows WITHOUT calling.  He’ll drop them off at the job.  Or if he calls, he’ll let it ring a couple of times and hang up, that way he can say, “Well, I called them!!”  Which usually means the office staff will then have to hear from the customer, “What Moron delivers windows without letting me know?  I’m not at that job!  I hope all those windows are still there!!” 

I think you get a glimpse of what we deal with.  Since business is down and what work we do have, he keeps them in piles.  As we do not have work orders in the computer, we have to physically search for them in the many places they might be.  Most of the time, they are on his desk, that is, after he says, “Nope, I’ve never seen that!” 

Yesterday, he was out working in the shop driving the shop foreman crazy.  Then when he got tired, he went back to his office to get on his cell phone to talk to his buddies around the country.  While he was on his cell phone, which isn’t hooked up to the main phone system, so I cannot tell he’s yacking, a customer came in to ask when he could reschedule a job that we couldn’t do.  I called upstairs to ask and was met with, “I’m on the phone!!!” 

Then I said, “Can you just answer,” and with that I hear the office phone go flying.  Now mind you, the upstairs is an office made out of the loft area.  So there are some things one can hear from downstairs.  I looked at the customer and said, “Can I get back to you on that, since he’s thrown his phone across the room?”    I got his phone number so I could get back with him.  I think that was the straw that broke my back.  I was so mad!  It took everything I had to sit in my chair and not march upstairs to tell him off.  I should have told him to start behaving like an owner of the company instead of a disgruntled employee!!  Which may be what I’ll say to him, the next time he throws a tantrum!

Yeah, I can feel a knock down, drag out fight brewing in our office.  If it isn’t with the two owners, it’s going to be the office manager and this owner.  Or who knows, it may be all of us! 

Welcome to … a day in the life of our office.  Ready for a good laugh??  Not two weeks before, did he give the office manager and the salesman the speech on how we need to give the best customer service we can.  LMAO – when they told me what he said, I looked at them and said, “Really!  Did you tell him to just turn that finger back at himself?!?!”

So how was your Friday??


From a total stranger or distant acquaintance would I expect this, but from a family member to put us on ignore, really sets off the rage-o-meter!

Yeah, warning … ranting goin’ on here!  Why do they even bother having a cell phone if they won’t answer it or even reply to a text message.   Is it so hard to say, yes or no??  I mean come on, you are an adult and you can say, yes or no … it doesn’t matter, just make a decision so we can get on with ours!!!  ARGH!!

Common courtesy … answer your damn phone or text!!!

Well that was fun

N O T ! ! !

When did I lose touch with my body?  I guess it’s because I have been feeling better than I have in quite awhile!  So, the reason to my butt dragging tiredness … I was getting sick!  Typical upper respitory garbahge but … I still didn’t feel terrible, just was exteremely tired.  Hubby was sick also. 

Last Thursday was our monthly doc appointment.  When he checked us out, he found we were both having the same crapolah going on.  The only thing we can think of is that we were exposed to something in Vegas, as my sister was sick a couple of days before us.  Plus the irritation of the litter box didn’t help.  Anyway, we asked for samples, since I was between paychecks. 

Ya know, sometimes I wonder where my brain goes.  I saw the yellow boxes stamped Avalox and I should have headed the warning I was feeling, but my brain, wasn’t getting the “Danger Danger, Will Robinson” signal.    We get home, I take one of the pills and proceed to have dinner.  Within 30 minutes, my body starts to ache.  Once it started to throb, did my brain go, oh wait, that’s the stuff that I can’t take!  Yeah, pretty miserable 2 days I had. 

The only way I can describe it is this.  You know when your leg/arm has circulation cut off or you sit with your leg under you for too long and there is no circulation.  When you move your leg and the circulation starts to come back … that tingling of ants crawling on your limb feeling, just before you get the aching throbing feeling of life back into your limbs.  Well, that is how my whole body felt.  It started with the ants, then the ache, then the throb to the point of crying made it hurt worse! 

I’m so glad those days are behind me now and even the small left over twinges are gone.  So I’m drinking Emergency-C with Acai Berry, to try and keep whatever the original thing was at bay.

Wow, three NFL games went into OT.  I’m sure glad the Vikings won.  Of course I was yelling and the hubby and dog were cowering in the bedroom.  Hubby finally ventured out, but the dog waited … just to make sure hubby wasn’t going to run back down the hall.  LOL   The last possession the Vikings had, Brett played like the old Brett from the Packer Days.  Makes me wonder if he went against the plays Childress called and just played the game … something he’s done for a long time!   I still think Childress should leave him alone.  He and the rest of the team are on the field.   Let them just play the game!    I can see if it was a rookie or inexperienced quarterback that Childress would want to call the plays, but, come on … he has a QB that is seasoned and knows this game like the back of his hand.  Let him play and lead the team!!   ARGH!  Okay, enough of FB rant.

Snow covered mountains is what I woke up to.  They are beautiful.

Taken from outside my front door

It was quite a storm that went through here last night.  I’m sure Utah is getting it now.  We bought our dog an insulated nylon jacket, with a hood.  He has a love/hate relationship with it.  However, with the storm and how cold it has been in the house, he’s loving it now.  Especially when he had to go outside while it was raining.  I had his jacket on and his hood up and he did his business without his ears all down and all sad.  He came back in and all I had to do was wipe his feet and take off his jacket and he was dry.  

Well, I have homework reading to do, so I hope you all have a great Monday.


Am I the only one tired?  I mean tired all the way to the bones tired?  Up until the past 2 weeks, I’ve been waking up with all the energy I needed to get through the day.  Now I’m so tired that I barely make it through the morning.  Which is a bummer, because I have resorted back to drinking coffee.  Four months without coffee and now I’m back at it.  Yeah, and I’ve slipped off the weight loss also.  *sigh* 

I can’t get over we are in November.  It sure doesn’t feel like November.  The weather outside has been so nice!  But, ugh … !

Last Friday I was grumbling and feeling sorry for myself.  Hubby had hurt his back … well, more than his normal hurt.  I was mad … yeah, okay, I was pretty ticked off.  The sad thing is that he didn’t do anything.  He had worked out at the physical therapist’s office, did laundry and when I got home, we were sitting in front of the tele and eating.  He tried to get up and that was it.  He pulled a muscle or something, he couldn’t move without pain.  So, all weekend he was medicated and come Sunday he was doing a little better.  Monday I took him to the chiroprator and when he left the office, he felt a whole lot better.  The treatment he had was electrical stimulation to the sore muscles and lower back, before his adjustment.  Later that day, because he was feeling better and thought he was fine,  he overextended as he was getting out of Red.  Yeah, right back to where he was.  Dang it all!!  Hopefully he’ll go back to the Chiropractor tomorrow.

I had my yearly Chiropractor adjustment on the same day.  I need to start going more frequently.  I didn’t realize how blocked up my body was.  Once adjusted, my feet started getting circulation and they got warm for the first time in months.  Yeah, I did the V8 slap!  I hate when the blood starts flowing, awakening the nerves that were long pinched.  The body does it’s “I told you so” dance of pain.  But, I’m feeling better and still feel like there is blood circulating along my spine down to my feet.

So why am I so tired?????  I’m butt dragging.  Of course, if I get any shorter, I will be butt dragging.  LOL

Well, I hope y’all have a great Thursday.  I’m gonna curl up and read.  I may even purr, as opposed to snore!   Later, Y’all!